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How do I cancel my lesson?
By contacting your golf coach via phone or email. You may also email the Academy Director at [email protected]
Can I get a refund on my credits?
Only in extenuating circumstances will a refund be issued. In the event that you need to cancel a lesson or session then credits will be re-issued as long as 24 hours advance notice is given.
What happens if the weather is poor?
In the event of poor weather and the lesson is cancelled then your credits will be reissued for you to use on a different date. If you decide not to come due to poor weather in your area but the lesson is still conducted then no credits will be re-issued.
Can I bring more than 1 person to use my credits?
Absolutely, as long as you use your credits for each additional person.
I booked the wrong session how do I change?
Contact your golf coach via phone or email or email the Academy Director and inform them of the date you wish to change from and too.
Where are the sessions held?
Unless otherwise stated all sessions will be held at the near side of the Gallagher’s driving range. The academy area will be marked.
Where can I park?
Parking is provided at the practice facility next to the ball hut.
Are all balls included in the lesson?
What if I’m late to the lesson?
Late arrivals will be able to do their lesson but only until the scheduled finish time. The lesson will be charged in full with no refund on time.
How many people are in a group session?
We limit all group sessions to a maximum of SIX people to ensure everyone gets a significant amount of time with the coach.
Do my credits expire?
Yes, all credits will be valid until October 31st, the final day the golf club is open.
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